Hate Mail

I have received a large volume of E-mail as a result of these pages. Most of it is supportive, but I do inevitably receive mail from creationists, who are naturally quite critical. I responded to some of them, but not all (I am only one person with a limited amount of free time, after all). Nevertheless, I feel that you may enjoy reading from some of these critics.

Most of the criticism tends to fall into three categories:

  1. Personal attacks: they claim that I'm being "biased" for not giving both theories equal weight, even though one of them is quite obviously not scientific. By this logic, one would have to conclude that astrophysicists are "biased" for not acknowledging any validity in the Biblically inspired theory that the Earth is at the center of the universe!

  2. Copy and paste: arguments lifted directly from creationist websites. In most cases, the pasted arguments are so common that they're already quoted and refuted here and elsewhere, but they have a general pattern of refusing to read anything written by "evolutionists" before attacking it.

  3. Righteous indignation: they accuse me of being unfair, or "bigoted" for pointing out that the Bible is immoral, often by saying something like "how can you accuse religionists of being bigots when you're just as bad?" It's a strawman of course, since I take pains to point out that most religious people are not Christian fundamentalists, but it's a cheap and easy rhetorical ploy, so they use it.

Click on the links at left, or the right-arrow at the bottom, to see some of this mail. You may be amused, you may be disturbed, and hopefully, you will come away with more of an appreciation for how the creationist mind tends to work.

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