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Paula Davis

[Editor's note: Paula Davis is one of these annoying people who preaches at you rather than talking with you. You'll quickly recognize the rhetorical style, and it's obvious she hasn't even read through my site. She probably read just enough to figure out that I was a "heathen", and that was more than enough for her. I debated putting her in the "scary or belligerent" section of my hate mail pages, but she's not really scary; just annoying]

October 25, 2001:

[Editor's note: this is one of those arrogant "ugly Christian" posts, in which she claims I must be lying when I say that I don't believe in her God, because everyone supposedly believes in her God, deep down]

Sir, I know that you believe in God.... the word of God declares that He has put within every man the instinct through his creation to know that there is a God so that on judgement day they will be without excuse. What a loving God... He forgot nothing!!!!!!!!!

Wrong. I don't believe in God. It doesn't matter whether the Bible tells you that I have an instinct to believe in your silly tribal myth, because I don't.

[Editor's note: any time I hear a Christian talking about judgement day, I generally conclude that I'm probably dealing with a fundamentalist hatemonger. The very idea of judgement day is barbaric and hateful: a day upon which God will come and massacre all of the unbelievers, sentencing them to a fiery Hell while rewarding his faithful followers]

Please remember these words on judgement day!!!!!!! Better yet, remember them today and find your maker God before judgement day as He truly loves you!!!!

If he truly loved me, he wouldn't threaten to torture me forever if I don't worship him. True love is not conditional.

It is His will that none should perish!!!!!!!!

Wrong. He's the one that decides who will suffer and who will not, therefore it is indeed his will that some should perish (assuming you define "perish" as "go to Hell").

What a great and awesome God, He is!!!!!!

His capacity for hatred is indeed great, but I don't think that's a laudable trait.

I hope that you don't leave earth without him!!!!

If he were real, he would be an unrepentant mass-murderer and torturer. If you believe the Bible in a literal sense, you would be believing the word of a confessed mass murderer. In other words, I hope to leave this Earth without him, because it would mean that I still have my mental faculties intact.

Paula Davis

If you had read my website with an effort to understand what I'm trying to say, you would have known that your attempt at proselytizing would be utterly useless.

[Editor's note: I looked over her reply, and discovered to my disgust that she didn't even attempt to address my point by point response to her first message. She was rude enough to simply ignore it, and write up a second proselytizing message, saying basically the same thing as the first. She seems to think this is a Sunday sermon, not a two-way discussion. I vented my irritation at her arrogance and poor debate manners before beginning another point by point response (which she would ignore just as she ignored the first one)]

November 4, 2001:

Paula, you completely ignored all the points I made in favour of mindlessly reciting standard-issue Christian proselytizing blurbs. If this is the level of debate that I can expect from you, don't bother responding. If you seriously want to discuss this issue, then address each one of my points in turn the way I have addressed yours, rather than ignoring everything I say and restating your position.

Wrong Michael, You do [Editor's note: yes, that's right; she just told me I'm "wrong" when I say that I don't believe in God, as if she knows my own thoughts better than I do], and for some reason you don't want to believe and the tragic thing is, when you go out into eternity, It will be the biggest regret of your entire life..... I promise...

Yadda yadda yadda. You've obviously never asked yourself why no one outside Europe ever discovered Christianity until your crusaders came and started shoving it down their throats, have you? There is no human instinct to believe in your God. Accept it. Your religion is a tribal mythology, not a human instinct.

Just because you want to believe a lie does not change the truth.

Your "truth" is based on ignorance rather than knowledge.

You will stand before the true and living God. Why would you not want to receive his love and forgiveness instead of judgment and damnation....

Because the God of the Bible is a mass-murdering asshole.

will you want to live with the devil and his demons in hell forever without escape?

You seem to take God's word that Satan is a bad person. Why take the word of a confessed mass murderer at face value?

God never wants that for any man, but he lets men choose their own destination.

No, he condemns people to Hell if they don't do what he says.


Yadda yadda yadda. God always has to deal with problems through death, doesn't he?

[Editor's note: I don't respond to her sermons the way a small child does, so she figures she'll try her strongest debating tactic: shout at me in capital letters]

You should start reading the Bible and see that what is happening in the world, it is all prophesied.........

Biblical prophecy is a joke.

[Editor's note: if there's one thing I'm really tired of, it's charlatans who try to back-fit ridiculously vague Biblical prophecies to events after they've already happened. Any vague prediction can be tied to real events after they've already happened, and Christian fundamentalists aren't the only ones to do it (check out your local horoscope). Real predictive accuracy is determined by making a precise prediction and then seeing if it comes true. No one has ever successfully predicted specific, non-obvious events using the Bible before the fact (how many judgement days have come and gone?), and back-fitting vague prophecies to events after the fact is nothing more than intellectual skullduggery]

God does not choose to torture anyone...The man that goes to Hell chooses to reject God's love and forgiveness.

Spin-doctoring. God chooses to send people to Hell if they don't do what he says, and then he blames them for making him angry. It's exactly like the abusive father who blames his own children for bringing their abuse down upon themselves.

Never, never, would he do that. You ought to get to know Him and see how wonderful His love and mercy is. You see, I've found Him and he put a new heart in me, a heart of love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness......

Hardly. You think people like me deserve eternal suffering. That makes you a hatemonger, not a person of "love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness."

it is very obvious that you have never had an encounter with God because once you do.....you will never be the same.

Religious epiphanies have been studied by neurologists and found to be the result of a temporary failure of the portion of your brain that deals with spatial awareness. On CAT scans, people experiencing "nirvana" have elevated activity in the frontal lobe but the spatial awareness portion of the brain goes almost completely dark. In other words, it's a brain dysfunction. If I had a "religious experience", which takes different names and meanings in different religions but usually involves a spiritual sense of oneness with the universe and loss of physical grounding, it would mean that I had such a dysfunction, and it would hardly draw me toward your religion. People of all religions have spiritual experiences; it does not impel them to drop their own religion and pick up yours.

[Editor's note: in case you're curious, this relates to a field study given the tongue-in-cheek name "neurotheology", which is amusing since empirical study of spiritual experiences is the antithesis of theology. It was pioneered by Dr. James Austin, in a paper called "Zen and the Brain", published by MIT Press in 1998. The amygdala (which monitors the environment for danger) and parietal lobe (which orients you in space) go quiet, as do a few other portions of the brain. In other words, I am quite serious when I say that religious epiphanies are brain dysfunctions]

GOD IS LOVE!!!!!!!!

Not the God described in the Bible. That God is a God of hatred and death and suffering.

Before I knew Him, I thought he was someone waiting to hit me on the head, but now that I have found Him, He is the exact oppposite. HE IS FOR MAN, NOT AGANIST HIM!!!!!!!!!!

Yadda yadda yadda. No evidence.

The thief (devil) comes to kill, steal, and destroy... but God comes to give life and give it more abundantly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yadda yadda yadda. No evidence.

There are two forces are at work in this world. The evil one and God. Be assured, Michael, every good and perfect gift comes from God!!!!

Yadda yadda yadda. No evidence.

Don't you appreciate the beautiful world that God gave to you and the fact He breathed life into and gave you life.

The natural universe gave that to me. God is your mythical explanation for it because you are too ignorant to comprehend the scientific explanation.

The air to breathe the water to drink, families, marriage, sex, children, friends, and on and on and on.

I thank the natural universe for those things, and I thank humanity for toiling to produce a society where these things can happen. Your tribal mythology has nothing to do with it.

God's kindgom, that he longs to bring is one of life, is one of peace and joy and love and kindness and compassion and on and on. Aren't you thankful for those good gifts!!!!!!

Yes, but I thank the natural universe and the efforts of mankind, not your God.

You get that from the true and the living God!!!!! But the other kingdom of Satan is the hate, murder, jealousy, resentment, bitterness on and on and on.................all the bad you can think of!!!!

Satan isn't the one who butchered the children of Egypt. Satan isn't the one who massacred the entire world in a "Great" Flood. Satan isn't the one who ethnically cleansed Canaan. Satan isn't the one who ruthlessly butchered the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Hate, murder, jealousy, resentment, bitterness and so on come from your God, not Satan [Editor's note: God even admitted he was jealous, when he dictated the Ten Commandments]. The Biblical Satan myth, on the other hand, sounds an awful lot like the Greek god Prometheus, who risked Zeus' wrath to bring knowledge and freedom to humanity. In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a hero rather than a villain because Greek mythology was more humanistic than your religion, and disobedience is not considered the ultimate sin.

Satan is a God hater and He wants you to hate Him to.

Of course, since your God is a mass murderer. Hatred of mass murderers is not hard to understand.

I promise that your eyes are blinded to the Glory of God... The reason that I found your web-site was that my daughter was doing a research paper on Evolution versus Creationism.

I'm sure she's doing it in a very even-handed manner too, considering your mindless recitation of dogma at me.

[Editor's note: one can only imagine how she's raising that child, judging by the way she interacts with me. Years and years of sermons and exhortations not to think for herself, raising her voice if the child doesn't agree with her ...]

When I read some of your material, my heart was very moved and my heart broke to know that you are so very deceived, Michael.

My heart is very moved and my heart broke to know that you are undoubtedly indoctrinating your daughter with your mindless dogma rather than allowing her to think freely.

If you ever choose to seek for God and find Him, you will be one of the happiest men on the face of the earth. Promise!!!!!

The happiness of self-delusion is not real. I prefer genuine happiness.

My heart just breaks as I see the multitudes that reject God's love and mercy and forgiveness.. The word of God declares...The fool hath declared in his heart, there is no God!!!!!!

Of course the word of God says that, because it was written by priests who wanted to ensure the growth of their money-making machine.

Who would want to be a fool when you can be one of the wisest men on earth by choosing His love and forgiveness.

Wisdom comes from knowledge, not self-delusion.

Michael, I know you are a very intelligent man, but what good is it going to do you if you choose to be one of the fools!!!!!!!!

Pot calling the kettle black. Fools are those who fail to think for themselves.

[Editor's note: I find that Christian fundamentalists think "foolishness" is a synonym for "disobedience to my divine authority". Would it kill these people to pick up a dictionary at the local bookstore and recognize that the closest synonym to "foolishness" is actually "stupidity"?]

Michael, don't let your heart become more hardened aganist Someone who only wants to love the "Hell" out of you!!!!

Unless I disobey, in which case he wants to torture me forever. What a nice guy.

There's nothing like having all the weight of sin, and guilt and condemnation out of your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your mass-murdering God has no right to condemn anyone else for sin.


Than why does he plan to torture me? I asked this question last time. You ignored it.

[Editor's note: if repetition fails, try really loud and long repetition]

If you choose to make your bed in Hell, there He will still love you, and I know He will weep for you to know that you choose Hell instead of Heaven..........

But he won't let me into Heaven, because he would rather see me be tortured forever than "forgive" me for the victimless crime of not believing in him.

Can you imagine the despair and agony that a man will live with throughout eternity to know that he rejected love, mercy and forgiveness for Hell.

Can you imagine the despair and agony of all the people who were made to suffer throughout history for your beliefs?

Michael, don't choose to be one of those fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I choose to be a free man, with a free mind. You, on the other hand, throw away the greatest evolutionary gift of humanity, which is its capacity for free thought.

[Editor's note: at this point, she sent a stream of consecutive messages in an increasingly intense attempt to convert me. I guess she doesn't realize that forceful proselytizing is obnoxious and offensive]

November 4, 2001 (2nd message):

One more thing Michael, you kept saying God is this and God is that..... you are not at all qualified to say who God is and who God isn't because you have never meet him personally.

[Editor's note: translation: "you're not allowed to criticize God because you're not a Christian"]

There are lots of conceptions of God in the world. I freely admit that I don't know most of them. I do, however, know the one described in the Bible, ie- the God of fundamentalists and Biblical creationists, since the Bible described more than enough of his hatred to pass judgement on him.

Are you able to know the person walking down the street, if you have never been introduced to them and spent time getting acquainted with them?

If he had killed a million people in the past, I would already know more than enough to pass judgement on him. I don't know Adolf Hitler either, but I have passed judgement on him for his known actions. Similarly, I have passed judgement on God for his merciless acts of hatred and violence in the Old Testament.

You would know absolutely nothing about them.

Wrong. Are you saying that you know "absolutely nothing" about a person like Adolf Hitler because you never met him? Isn't the fact that he killed millions enough?

No, Michael, you are not qualified to say those things about God as you do not know him personally. What you know are lies that someone else has filled your mind with and you have chosen to believe lies.

What I know are the statements in God's own propaganda, ie- the Bible. If you think the Old Testament is full of nonsense, then that's great. Many Christians do feel this way, and I say "good for them".

But if you think he really did butcher the children of Egypt, the people of Canaan, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, and virtually the whole world in the "Great" Flood, then it is you who are lying when you say that he is a God of "love".



I don't know Adolf Hitler personally either, but I know enough to realize that I don't want to know him. The same goes for the Biblical God.

[Editor's note: more of the same: "My religion is the truth, you're going to go to Hell if you don't convert, you're lying when you say you don't believe in God", etc]

November 4, 2001 (3rd message):

Oh Michael, I am not proselytizing.

Look up "proselytizing" in your dictionary.

[Editor's note: in case you don't know either, "proselytizing" is an attempt to convert someone to your religion. Since she has been blatantly doing this ever since her first message, it's amazing that she can deny it with a straight face]

I guess when you care about people, you will tell them the truth. I don't know you, but I always have a passion for the truth.

No, you have a passion for your religious fundamentalism. It is not the truth.

I would never argue my points with you because it just leads to fruitless conversation.

You've got it backwards. Proselytizing is fruitless conversation. Debating, on the other hand, leads to an exchange of ideas and an expansion of knowledge. Unfortunately, you refuse to debate. You would rather proselytize.

If you saw a burning house with people perishing, would you not want to save them?

Of course. That's why I consider it so important to spread the truth about creationist propaganda, Christian fundamentalist bigotry, and the evils of the Old Testament, so that I can help in some small way to free people from the shackles of dogma and religious hatred.

I see, in the spiritaul realm, that your life can be compared to that.... you are perishing and don't even know it.

In the real world, your mind can be compared to that. You have allowed your critical thinking skills to wither on the vine. You accept your articles of religious faith blindly, without questioning and without thinking. That is what separates a mindless fundamentalist from an intelligent religious thinker. Your mind is slowly rotting away, and you don't even know it.

That is why I share with you [Editor's note: apparently, she doesn't realize that "sharing" implies that the other person wants what you're trying to give them]. God says that to those who are perishing this is foolishness.... what I am saying... and so it is Michael.... what can I say.....except that God loves you and longs to save you and He would never want you to perish. You choose your own destination!!!!

I choose free thought. I choose free will. I choose to turn away from a ruthless, unrepentant mass murderer, because I choose logic and morality over blind obedience to authority.

Your will see in the end who is the fool and it will not be GOD!!!

Of course not, since your God doesn't even exist.

I would just love for you to be brought out of darkness into God's glorious light!!!!!!!!!! What could be wrong with that????

The fact that your God is nonexistent, and if he did exist, he would be the epitome of evil.

Again, I am not proselyting, just sharing what's in my heart, only hoping for the best gift in the world for your life!!!!!!!! What could be wrong with that!!!!!!!

That is just another way of saying that you are proselytizing.

Anyway, Michael, one more question?? I thought you didn't believe there was a God???

Gee, you finally figured that out?

You sure had a lot to say about someone you don't believe in.

So? I can write volumes about the stupidity of Star Trek pseudoscience as well, but that doesn't mean I think Star Trek is real.

[Editor's note: when she was in school, she probably wrote essays about Romeo and Juliet. Does that mean she must have thought they were real people?]

I told you that you knew there was a God!!!

You really want to believe that, don't you? Silly fundamentalists ...

God does not lie, he has put that within every man like His word says!!!!! What a loving God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yadda yadda yadda.

I did discuss all those issues that you said.....they probably weren't orderely like yours, though.

Wrong. You ignored every single point I made. Again, I say: address my points, one by one.

Michael, may you have a most wonderful day.

Every day that I can think for myself is a wonderful day. Every day that I am free from the shackles of blind obedience to a mass murderer or the horrors of religious theocracies, I am glad to be alive.

Isn't God good that he gives man another day and another and another day to find Him before the end comes. What a loving God He is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The natural universe does that. Your God prefers killing and torture.

[Editor's note: I grow tired of her extravagant over-use of exclamation points. I feel like she's figuratively poking me in the forehead each time she says something]

P.S. I am sorry that I can't debate you scientifically, but I can sure debate on Someone that is real and something that I have experienced in my life!!!!!!!!!

No, you can't. None of what you have said so far is a debate. You ignore everything I say, you refuse to address my points individually, and you continually restate your proselytizing blurbs. I feel like I'm arguing with a sales brochure.

[Editor's note: more of the same: "You must be suffering because you're not a Christian, I don't care to debate your arguments, I know I'm right"]

November 4, 2001 (4th message):

Michael, Michael, You sound like such a angry, hurt person.

When all else fails, insult your opponent. Claim that all of his opinions must be based on anger. Right? It's much easier than admitting to yourself that his opinions are based on rational thought.

I could debate all of those issues with you, I have an anwser for them all and so does a loving, just God.

You lie. If you had answers, you would have already given them instead of endlessly proselytizing.

Even if I told you, you would probably just harden your heart toward God even more.

It isn't my heart that you should be worried about. Science draws strength from the mind, not the heart.

You know the truth Michael, and you choose to believe a lie.

You have made no effort whatsoever to show that science is a lie. Instead, you simply scream that it is, and expect me to be bowled over by the intensity of your emotion. That may work on small children, but it doesn't work on a thinking man.

I pray that you and all your loved ones that may have believed the same lies will find the truth before the end comes.

We already have. We have no desire to replace it with your hateful religious fundamentalism.

I challenge you to pick up the word of God and read what is happenning right before our eyes.

I've read the Bible. I suggest you do the same, and then defend the evils that I listed in my reference page on Old Testament violence.

What will you say when the whole earth starts weaving like figs on a fig tree, or when the moon is darkened or when hail stones are so large that no life could survive. Are you going to have some scientific statememt for the cause??????

What makes you think any of this will happen?

It will certainly be a time of horror for those who have rejected the truth and believed a lie.

And you just can't wait, can you? Nothing makes a religious fundamentalist happier than the idea of all the heathens suffering and dying on judgement day.

[Editor's note: isn't it funny how fundamentalists can say that God is "loving" in one breath and that he is preparing to unleash "horror" in the next?]

Michael, you are so intelligent in your field of study but what if you gain all the knowledge in the world....and lose your soul for all eternity. Michael, DON'T BE A FOOL!!!!!

I grow tired of being called a fool by a mindless ignoramus such as you. The least you could do is pretend to have a brain by debating my points instead of reciting lines out of your Christian salesmanship brochure.

P.S. Those who find God find life!!!!!!!
Those who choose to reject the truth find death and destruction!!!!

Odd ... throughout the last three thousand years, those who chose to find your God have brought death and destruction more often than not. Perhaps you should revise your statement to be historically accurate.

May you choose God and find life, you and your entire family!!!!!!!!

We've already found life. Unlike religious fundamentalists, we don't deny ourselves its joys for the sake of pointless self-denial. It is you who needs to rediscover your life, and free it from the shackles of religious dogma and blind hatred of other belief systems.

You may wonder why I call you hateful, even though you continually insist that you love everyone. Think about it: you believe that everyone who doesn't believe in God will someday go to Hell. You believe that all of the rules of the universe were created by God, including that one. You believe that God is just. Therefore, you believe it is just for unbelievers to be tortured for all eternity. That is hatred. Take a good look in the mirror, Paula.

[Editor's note: more of the same: "God is great, join my religion, I don't care to argue your points, I know I'm right"]

November 4, 2001 (5th message):

Michael, as for my blurbs, I will gladly declare them to you because they are truth and truth will stand forever.

You have made no effort whatsoever to justify your bizarre claim that the scientifically laughable claims of the Bible are "truth".

These blurbs have brought me out of darkness into God's glorious light and set me free from sin and death!!!!!!!!!!

That's what you think. Again, you have no evidence.

Now, what can your scientific blurbs do for you!!!!!!!!!

My scientific principles are differentiated from your blurbs because they are all justified by evidence and logic. Your blurbs, on the other hand, are justified only by your personal fervour.

What blurbs will you be able to call on to help you when you stand before God.....NONE, absolutely none!!!!! The truth will set you free Michael, nothing else!!!!!

Yadda yadda yadda.

May you come to experience these blurbs and be one the richest, wisest, happiest people on the face of the earth. I'm going to be pulling for you Michael with all my heart!!!!!!!!


[Editor's note: translation: "May you join my religion. I'm going to be pulling for your conversion with all my heart"]

And what if I refuse? What if I never join your religion? What if I never declare allegiance to your evil mass-murdering God? Will you think it just and righteous for me to be tortured forever?

[Editor's note: more of the same: "God is great, join my religion, I don't care to argue your points, I know I'm right"]

November 4, 2001 (6th message):

Michael, you are right about knowing someone from their actions. So, what do you think about God's actions of loving you so much that He sent Jesus to die for your sins, so on judgment day you could hear the word's not guilty, paid in full by the blood of Jesus!!!!!!!!

If God was truly loving, there would be no judgement day.

What about this God who came to earth and bled and died so that He could take the penalty upon himself and you could go free!!!!

If God was truly loving, there would be no penalty to be taken.

Tell me about the actions of that man!!!!!

What about them? How do they make up for the ruthless killing in the Old Testament, or God's promise to torture unbelievers for all eternity?

Do you know of anyone else that bled and died for you and then rose from the dead for you, Michael, Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also don't know anyone else who promises to torture me for all eternity if I don't worship him.

and you know it in your heart and yet you choose to believe the lie!!!!

You have given no evidence whatsoever that any of my claims are lies.

There could not be anything more tragic in this life then a man to reject the love and mercy of God and go out into eternity having missed what life is all about.

I reject God's hatred and intolerance. As for life, I live mine free of your religious dogma and hatred. For that I am glad.

God is your creator and you will never get away from that truth.

And you will apparently never get away from your mindless proselytizing.

You may try to explain it away, but the truth will stand forever. Heaven and earth will pass away but the word of God will stand forever!!!!!!!!

Yadda yadda yadda.

I guess I am so passionate about this with you because I used to be just like you and then I found God in my life, so I have to share that God is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome, absolutely wonderful, abosolutely crazy about you Michael and you know what, if you would get to know Him, He could share all the answers with you to all your scientific questions, after all He is the Creator of it all and to think you can know Him on a personal level!!!!!!!!

Yadda yadda yadda.

[Editor's note: religious fanatics love to say they used to be "just like you". In their minds, "just like you" means "I doubted God's existence for a time", and they think that's "just like you" because they have absolutely no idea what it's like to belong to another religion, or to be a true rationalist]

You have a most blessed week Michael, and I'll be pulling for you with all my heart!!!
Remember, whoever finds God finds life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever finds your God apparently loses his mind in the process.

[Editor's note: more of the same: "You must be a very sad person because happiness comes from my religion and you reject it, I don't care to argue your points, I know I'm right"]

November 4, 2001 (7th message):

Michael, the more you write, the greater I feel for you. Somewhere in your life, you must have had some terrible, terrible hurts.

You really want to believe that, don't you? It's just killing you that I'm happy with my beautiful wife and I'm happy with my two wonderful children, isn't it? You just can't imagine how someone could reject your God while being a well adjusted person, can you?

You need to believe that I'm torn by terrible demons in my soul, don't you? Because otherwise, you would have to admit to yourself that happiness can come from places other than your religion.

I don't care what you call this, debate or not, proselytizing or blurbs, whatever you want to call it is fine with me. Your jargon will never endure, but the truth of God's word will endure forever!!!!!!! Wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how many exclamation points you add onto the end of your sentences, you won't make them any more convincing. As for my "jargon", are you seriously suggesting that science will disappear? What a terrible day for humanity that would be ...

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