Evolution and Science


The pre-eminent website for disseminating accurate information about evolution and for cataloguing the many distortions and outright lies being propagated about the concept by creationists.

National Center for Science Education

An organization which works to defend evolution theory against the relentless propaganda campaign being waged by the forces of religious fundamentalism. Unlike, they also devote time and effort to tracking the progress (and setbacks) being made in terms of public perception and policy, rather than restricting themselves to discussion of the scientific issues.

Bob Riggins' Science Page

An excellent site about general scientific misconceptions, as well as creationist-inspired distortions.

Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs Creationism

A nice summary of the most commonly encountered creationist arguments, and the obvious rebuttals which they continually ignore.

The Bacteriophage Ecology Group

This is not an evolution site per se, but as a bacterial biology site, it naturally contains extensive discussions of evolutionary processes. Its style is a collection of very concise yet thorough articles in specific subjects. Check out its Introduction to Evolution, its discussion of human evolution, its history of Earth, its description of the scientific method in Doing Biology, and its Origins of the Universe discussion.

Evolution and the Human Eye

This site examines the human eye in some detail, describing how it could have evolved and more importantly, how it could not possibly be the result of "intelligent design", unless we presume that this "intelligent designer" was an idiot.

The Intermediate Stages of the Fish Eye

This site has illustrations of the hypothesized stages of evolution of the fish eye. Because it uses step by step pictures, it will hopefully be easy enough for even a creationist to understand.

The Crusade Against Evolution

This is a "Wired Magazine" article about the history of the "Intelligent Design" propaganda campaign. At the end, they also have a counterpoint from an "Intelligent Design" proponent, which is rather amusing if you truly understand how science works, because his counterpoint completely sidesteps the fact that "Intelligent Design" does not actually provide a mechanism, hence it does not qualify as a scientific theory at all. Unfortunately, the percentage of people in modern western society who truly understand the philosophical concept of science appears to be vanishingly small.

On Religious Fundamentalism

The Skeptics' Annotated Bible

An amazing resource for those looking for problems in the Bible. It skewers the Bible from front to back.

Dennis McKinsey's Biblical Errancy

A list of problems with the "Biblical Inerrancy" argument that underlies creationist thought (not to mention fundamentalist Christianity in general). It's not as ambitious as the Skeptics Annotated Bible, but it's better for someone who isn't ready to digest such a huge volume of data.

Christianity: Bogus Beyond Belief

This site examines Biblical horrors (as with the previous two sites), but it pares down the information still further, focusing on immoralities.

Cygnus' Study: Debunking the Bible

This site contains numerous excellent discussions of Christianity in general. Its questionnaire for proselytizers is downright brilliant. Note that unlike most agnostics who hasten to explain that they are agnostic rather than atheist, he understands the correct definition of the terms and declares himself both agnostic and atheist.

Deathly Doctrine: Christian churches and AIDS

This site examines the role that Christian churches have played in encouraging the spread of AIDS and suppressing health education programs that would stem the tide of death.

The Watchtower Observer

This page is written and maintained by ex-Jehovah's Witnesses. It contains a lot of excellent articles on Hitler, Creationism, and other problems with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Quotes: The Good, the Evil, the Downright Ugly

A huge collection of quotes from both religious fanatics and free thinkers.

Atheism, Deism, and Humanism

Positive Atheism

This site defends atheism against the relentless attacks of Christian fundamentalists, and it also fires back at them by printing numerous embarrassing quotes from prominent religious leaders.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation

This site staunchly defends the separation of church and state. It also has a compelling list of reasons that Jesus should not be admired, on its Why Jesus? page.

The Secular Web

This site is dedicated to the defense of the naturalistic world view.

Atheist Resource

An interesting mix of information and other online resources for atheists who are interested in debating creationists and other brands of religious fanatics.

Your God is Dead and No One Cares

An atheism page which isn't as inflammatory as you might guess from its title. Its Links pages are excellent.

Blasphemous Insight

A somewhat light-hearted set of articles on atheism, evolution, and Christianity.

Humanism by Joe

The title says it all. It's a site about humanism, with lots of good articles.

World Union of Deists

Once again, the title says it all. This site is about deism.


The Landover Baptist Church

This site is an absolutely brilliant satire on the right-wing fundamentalist movement in America.

Americans for Purity: Winning the War on Masturbation

This is a hilarious satirical site on the evils of masturbation. Check out the Links section for some nutcases who actually think this stuff is for real.

This superb satirical site aims to warn people about the hidden health risks of dihydrogen monoxide (which is found in 100% of cancerous tissue samples), and the fact that the government is concealing the truth because it cannot remove dihydrogen monoxide from the environment. It's a good commentary on environmental sensationalism and the common paranoia about scientific cover ups. Just as a reminder for those who failed grade-school chemistry: dihydrogen monoxide is H2O, also known as water.

The Institute for Creation Research

One of the funniest websites ever made. Takes even the most insane creationist theories such as "Flintstones"-style men living with dinosaur pets as a perfectly legitimate idea and tries to put a pseudoscientific sheen on them.

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